tangled ( adjective )
   - jumbled, messy, chaotic, complicated, involved
treehouse (noun)
   -a structure built in the branches of a tree for children to play in.
That just about sums up our little family!  The 'treehouse' part is simply the feeling I get when I drive in our driveway. Our home is tucked away behind the trees on a few acres of land in the middle of the city. A place to escape it all. 

Kind of like when I was 7 or 8 years old and tackled my first DIY ..... a treehouse in the giant willow tree in my parents backyard. I cleaned out my Dad's scrap pile, a bucket of nails and some red barn paint for the sign to hang at the bottom of the ladder (proudly displayed on the barn wall to this day) ..... "No Boys Allowed! ..... I was still in that "boys have cooties' stage. My parents have a picture of me and my little sister/sidekick proud as punch of our awesome (yet slightly dangerous) hideaway.  I will find that photo and add it to this post for inspiration and a reminder as to why I started this journey in the first place.

I have since changed my mind about the whole "boys have cooties," thing and have found a handsome 'boy' to share my life. We have been blessed with four other little boys along the way. And most recently, a little girl has joined our family. This explains the "tangled" portion of my blog title. Our daily life is full of adventure and chaos, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

How fitting it was, that during our house closing, our realtor sent us a beautiful welcome basket with a note attached reading, "I hope you enjoy your new treehouse." 

Thanks to all who have made this journey possible. We are truly blessed.

Now all we need is a tire swing!


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