Monday, 19 November 2012

Cleaning your Ceramic Stovetop

Does your ceramic stovetop always have little black spots from spitting oil or boiling pasta? I am a mother of 5 and always cooking, I mean ALWAYS cooking! At the end of the day my cooktop usually looks like this.

Not so pretty right? Believe me, when the dishes are washed, floors are swept and leftovers are tucked away, the last thing you want looking at you is another dirty surface.

 So I pulled out my Shaklee Scour Off and these handy little Loofha scrubbers that I found at my local Dollarama.

 They claim to be scratch free(which is required for ceramic cooktops,) enviro-friendly, and compostable to boot.  

I just popped off those knobs and dropped them into the sink while I scrubbed. So much easier to get to all the spills and grime that seep under these little spaces once these are removed.

I love using mircrofibre cloths for cleaning, again, they are enviro-friendly(just toss in the washer and save piles of waste from the landfill,) super-absorbent and they always give a nice polished finish. I picked these ones up from Costco in the automotive department. A large bag for very little, plus there were multiple colours which I find useful as I like to assign each colour a different purposes.

End result, a spot free finish, no residue or scratches and it only took me about a 60 seconds to accomplish. It is so nice to have a clean surface to inspire the next meal and the peace of mind in knowing that you didn't have to use toxic chemicals.

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