Thursday, 7 February 2013

Blackboard adhesive....and Day 6 Results!

Hi there! I've had an idea that I have been wanting to test for sometime now. You've seen blackboards/chalkboards EVERYWHERE in Blogland in every which way, shape and form. I love the look, but have always been worried about the mess .....

With five kids in the house, a chalkboard sounds like a great idea. And I have toyed with the idea multiple times ..... a giant one in the toyroom for the kids, one in the mudroom for our daily schedule/chorelists, one in the kitchen for a grocery/menu list. But I just couldn't bite the bullet. What if I didn't like it? How hard would it be to cover up when I was tired of it? What about the nasty odour I hear so much about?

Then one day,  I was strolling the aisles of my local dollar store, and I found this .....

Light bulbs were going off in my head! But, like a lot of things that seem to good to be true, especially from the dollar store, I proceeded with cautionary disbelief.  I bought one roll (just in case it was crap), brought it home (with a bag full of other stuff I didn't know I needed), and then it ended up somewhere at the bottom of my craftroom ..........

I discovered it a few days ago and decided it was high time I give it a try. I wanted to first test it in the places I was already picturing a real chalkboard, like the kitchen. 

The appliance pantry door that is the first thing you see when you enter the kitchen, so having something interesting there is key. I peeled off the back, rolled it down and stuck it to the door.  Seriously, that's all I did! It went on so very easy.  I used a damp cloth to smooth out the odd bubbles ..... but nothing like the bubbles in the frosted window adhesive that I just installed in the garage ..... post coming soon!

In less than 2 minutes I was writing out my menu for the day!

I am so impressed with this. I am now dreaming up a million uses for it! And it will give me a good idea how much I will really use a chalkboard in this space without having to paint.  So awesome!

And for those of you that think the quality must not be there, it wipes off like a breeze! I use a damp micro-fibre cloth at the end of each day before I put up the next day's menu. And I'm just using regular Crayola chalk I found in at Michaels.

Sooooo smooth, and no bubbles!
The kids love it too. Although this one is Mommy's right now, they are requesting them else where in the house. They are no longer asking, "what's for supper?" Because it's right there on the wall! AND ...... when my kids come home from school and see what we are having for afternoon snack, they want to help me prepare it.  I just may be onto something here!

It would look so much better with a big farmhouse frame around it or have the full door painted, but for now, this works. (It is only a test after all.)

So, I'm sure you will see lots of projects in the future using this handy little product. That reminds me, I should run to the dollar store and grab a few more rolls before it's all gone!

Here are the results for Day 6 of my February Pledge to Run.....Daily!!!

Some slight adjustments again today ..... depending on how I feel while running .....

Manual Program: 25minutes

-4mins walk 3.5, 3.5 incline
-16mins run 5.0
-1.5mins sprint 6.0
-4mins walk 3.5, 3.5 incline

1.91 miles
229 cals burned

25 minutes total workout


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