Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Deli Wraps Platter

My youngest boy, Elliot, is testing for his yellow belt in Taekwando.  He's only four years old but he is a mighty little thing. Awhile back when his older brothers were testing, the parents were asked to donate some yummies for the buffet table to congratulate the participants and parents. So I whipped up a cheese and cracker tray(aka High Kicking Cheese Platter) shown here.

Today, I decided to make something sightly different but still "banquet table-esque." Easy to handle, fits on a flimsy paper plate napkin, kid and adult friendly were all requirements that came to mind. I started thinking sandwiches, but I'm not the type that can send a plate of egg salad on crust-less white bread ...(not with my name on it anyway!) So I decided to jazz it up a bit, and went with a wrap platter.

I am doing this post after the fact, so I didn't take tutorial pictures at the time. Sorry! But I'll list what was used for ingredients and being the smarties that you are, I'm sure you can figure it out.

At the grocer there is a variety of choices in the bakery. But something with a variety of texture and colour is more appealing when dealing with food. So I chose the 10" tortillas in whole wheat, roasted red pepper and spinach.

For the meat, a variety of roast beef, ham and turkey.

For the cheese, a variety of havarti, cheddar and swiss.

I used a mixture of mayo and grainy mustard and for the turkey wraps used a cream cheese and salsa mixture.

Added a few leaves of romaine and rolled them up. I sliced them in half for easy handling. Although they could have used the extra security, I decided against adding toothpicks as I knew there would be a lot of little ones grabbing at them. We don't need any choking incidents!

For the making of the platter, I placed the wraps around the edge of an oval platter, cut-side out so that people could see what was inside. Then added a few more pops of colour with olives, red and yellow peppers (grape tomatoes and gerkins work great as well!) 

Quick, easy and tasty to boot!

AND...guess who passed his test?!!!


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