Monday, 7 January 2013

Positive Thinking and Heaps of Inventory

Hello, hello, hello!  Recently, things have been changing very quickly in my life. Everything from my children growing up, to my business building momentum and my least favorite, little lines appearing as I push closer to 40 (Yikes!) As I bolt forward, I am realizing more and more that positive thinking means everything. 
As I started losing weight in January 2012, friends and family would ask what diet I was following. My stock reply was that I wasn't 'dieting',  just eating better quality food, less of it and moving more. No secret there. But as time went on I found that there was something more.  Understanding that each time I consumed food, it had calories, fat, nutrients, etc. Being conscious of that was the key for me. Knowledge is power, and so I started studying my food labels and reading up on replacements for high-calorie components in my food plan. Starting to view food as fuel became the turning point in how I consumed calories and burned calories. When I was hungry and discovered my hand slipping into a cracker box, I would pause and think 'how many calories do I have in my hand?' When you take that moment to look at the side of the box and calculate that 4 of those little crackers have 140cals (and your big mitt has at least triple that!) you will begin to understand why you became overweight. Being conscious in those little moments throughout the day made a difference, a big difference, a 53lbs loss difference.
I find myself constantly fighting with negativity. That I'm not good enough,  not talented enough or smart enough to succeed. That I am being selfish, starting this business when I have responsibilities to my husband, house and kids. Even days when I am full of energy and ready to tackle the world, my mind is full of self-doubt and stress. Unhealthy I know, but that's my reality.  I am one who is used to going full speed ahead until I crash. But as I get older, the harder it gets to live this way. That is why I am taking this year to motivate myself and practice 'conscious' positive thinking. If I can do it with my eating, why shouldn't I apply it to the rest of my life? Training myself to believe and take risks without fear of failure. Believing that making myself a stronger, more confident, more successful woman, will benefit my husband, home and children, not take anything away from them.
I have already taken a few steps this past weekend towards my new business. I have started expanding my website to include a gallery of my wreaths. And most significantly, have taken a financial leap by investing in a heap load of inventory. Ask my husband, this was not an easy 'leap' for me. I nearly drove him crazy! He told me that I needed to make these decisions on my own, but he knew I could succeed at whatever I set my mind to. After a few minutes of pouting and few stomps of my feet, I headed off into the sunset (my Visa in hand) and invested in my future. Yeah me!

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