Thursday, 31 January 2013

February Pledge - To Run....Daily!!!

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! Well, I'm finally starting to feel the affects of old man energy and creativity is at an all-time low, I'm sluggish and grumpy and constantly hungry.  I am forcing myself to finish projects and when I work this way,  I don't enjoy them as much. So it's time for a change. Time for a challenge. A personal challenge.

I have mentioned before (in this post) that my husband and I have both lost a lot of weight. And even though he goes to Taekwando and Crossfit faithfully, I have not raised an exercise finger through this whole journey. Now, that being said, I am a very busy Mom of five that runs around with laundry, groceries and babies all day...but its not the get your heart-rate up, sweaty(well, sometimes) kind of exercise. 

Because it is Winter and I reside in Nova Scotia, daily outdoor exercise is just not practical.  I also have a busy one year old at home with me through the day. We have a family membership to the YMCA, which we use, but baby-minding is only available on certain days. So I need something that I can do on a daily basis, without any help or excuses. I decided to start with running, at home, on my treadmill.

Years ago, when I was between pregnancies, I asked my husband for a treadmill to burn off the extra baby-weight. So being the wonderful husband that he is, (are you reading this Rob?!) I received a beautiful, heavy-duty treadmill and used it almost daily.

Our previous house workout area.

Then we moved, and moved again, and moved again, and my poor machine has now landed here....

Our current house workout area.....needs some work....

One of my new years' resolutions for 2013 was to be more active, which I have been...just not on a consistent basis. But I am here to renew my pledge and stick to it! I am going to rescue my treadmill from the Lego jungle and RUN! EXERCISE! GET MY BLOOD PUMPING! Save myself from this winter funk and in turn, benefit everything else in my life. Because when you feel good it reflects on your energy, attitude and outlook.  I feel unstoppable when my body and mind are focused. And we all  know that "When Mommy's Happy, Everyone's Happy."

Now, I'm not a big-time runner, (ha!, not even close!) I will run my first day until I can no longer breathe...I'm guessing around the 7 minute mark. But everyone has to start somewhere, right? That's why tracking your progress is so important! You can see your improvements on paper and not even to mention, the scale!

For the month of February, I pledge to run daily and track my progress right here for everyone to see.

Now, I guess today's challenge is to clean the toyroom and carve out an inspirational space to exercise. Making a change, no matter how small, is empowering.  I can't wait to get started!

Have any of you made small changes that have had major impact? Did it start with a resolution? Are you following through? Any stay-at-home Mom's struggling with fitting exercise into their busy days?


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