Thursday, 10 January 2013

It will get done, it always does

Oh how I love digging those seasonal crates out of my basement,...but oh, how i hate putting them all away.  I will admit that I am somewhat of an organizing fanatic, but after you have finished buying the perfect gifts, baking the most delectable cookies, sending the most spectacular Christmas cards and hosting the world's most demanding in-laws all while throwing the season's most-talked-about party! are S-P-E-N-T! I have no desire to take it down, purge, sort, or pack it away. I just want to leave my lop-sided, half decorated, toddler-wrangled tree where it is, fully lit while I sit in my lazy boy with a large glass of Merlot.
We certainly put ourselves under a lot of stress this time of year, and that is why January is a planned uneventful month at our house. It gives me peace of mind to think that you are all feeling the same way. As we down our second pot of coffee, praying that no one rings the doorbell because showering required too much energy this morning. Boxing Day shopping has run its course, kids are back at school, and resolutions have long been broken. We spend our evenings with our feet up, snacks in hand, hoping that the forecast is wrong and there is no snow to shovel in the morning. 

I need a well-deserved rest, as do most of us Moms/bloggers/crafters after such a busy season. No longer will I feel guilty that it is mid-January and my grapevine reindeer are belly-up in the snowbank.

It will get done, it always does, but for the remainder of the week, I am going to put my feet up, let my mind and body rest and plan the next wonderful holiday season.


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